How to Wash Ugg Boots

UGG boots, as the name suggests is a brand on its own. Deckers outdoor cooperation is the brains behind these trendy boots. The boots are literally made out of sheep skin as evidenced by the inner side of the shoe, the outer side is usually tanned and the sole is synthetic. These boots originated from Australia and now they are being worn all over the world. The fact that they are unisex makes it trendier. Owning a pair of shoe is one thing but keeping them clean and making them last longer is another thing. I have some tips on how you can keep your UGG boots sparkling clean.

Ugg boots

Every shoe has its season, for UGG boots, they are mostly worn in during fall and winter. They should not be worn during the rains or in mud. During the two seasons, not much dirt gets to your shoe so the best maintenance will be through spraying with UGG sheepskin protector. The spray works to prevent staining. When spraying them, ensure that you have held the bottle about six inches away from the shoe. Also avoid soaking the shoes with the spray, just getting it a little bit wet works the magic. Always remember to shake the bottle before spraying. After wetting the boots with spay, let it dry naturally.

If the boots have a lot of dirt on them, you can use a suede brush to remove it. Once the dirt is out, take a wet sponge and dampen the outside of the boot. Apply a little sheepskin cleaner and conditioner to a clean wet sponge and then rub it against the dirt on the boot surface and then rinse it quickly to minimize the damage that water causes to leather. Clean the other boot using the same technique and then get a few small towels and stuff them inside both boots so that shape is retained and to allow for proper air-drying. You realize drying of boots does not involve heat and this is because heat causes wrinkling and stretching of leather and this ruins the appearance of boots. As soon as the boots are dry, use a clean suede brush to even out the surface of the boots and then spray them with stain and water repellent and just like that, you are back to rocking your boots!

Finally, machine washing also works for UGG boots though not really advised because they easily get damaged but it is best for old boots. First, you need something to protect the shoes like a pillowcase or a wash bag for each boot. Secure the boot well by tying a knot around the pillowcase and then put them in a gentle wool cycle for a few minutes then remove them from the machine and allow them to air dry after which you brush with suede brush then spray them. Be sure to use specific UGG products on your boots to always get the best outcome.

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