How to Clean Your Oven Perfectly

An oven is a thermally insulated chamber used in preparing food. An oven can be made of any material as long as it can retain heat. Most traditional ovens are made of clay while modern ovens are made of steel. Depending on the materials used to make ovens, different cleaning methods are used. Water based cleaning is never used in ovens made of clay because clay easily soaks and damages. Steel ovens also have restrictions of their own when it comes to cleaning like you should not use an abrasive brush to scrub a steel oven. Let me explain in detail how you can clean your oven.

cleaning oven

First, you need to clear out anything that is in the oven and switch off the gas. Always do your water based cleaning away from power outlets. After clearing the oven, remove all the oven racks and put them aside. You can either begin by cleaning oven racks or by cleaning the oven itself. When cleaning your racks, ensure continuous hot water supply is available. You start by running hot water over all the oven racks and then soak them in soapy solution overnight. In the morning, start washing them one after the other. Use a dish washing detergent and a brush to scrub off dirt from the racks then use a wet towel to wipe off the dirt. Rinse the racks well and then dry them.

Cleaning the interior of the main oven is usually a challenge to most people because the dirt in there can be too much. The dirt is usually composed of food spills and grease which can be so hectic to clean. It shouldn’t worry you because it is easy to remove all dirt with a detailed wash. Although an alternative is to do frequent simple cleaning of the oven to avoid accumulation of massive dirt. Home-made detergent is best for cleaning the oven. You begin by making a paste of baking soda by adding water to the powder and stir until the desired density is achieved. Make the paste viscous and it should be enough to cover the oven. When the paste is ready, apply it so that it coats the oven. Apply a thicker paste to areas of the oven with grease or any other stubborn stain. Let the paste stay overnight. In the morning, wipe off the paste coating from the oven using a piece of cloth. Once the paste is out, wipe the oven with a wet cloth and then spray vinegar and wait for about two minutes for the paste residue to soak then wipe with a wet towel. Wipe the oven until it is clean. Replace the oven racks and then do a final wipe on the exterior of the oven.

Always keep your oven clean because it is crucial for your health that you eat safe food. An oven filled with dirt easily causes contamination of food. Vinegar should always be among your detergents when cleaning your oven as it helps kill microbes.

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