How to Machine Wash Tennis Shoes

Tennis is a sport that involves running around and this contributes to dirt accumulation in shoes. Every tennis player needs to have clean shoes for each game. People say having clean outfit during a sport boosts performance, I don’t know if there is a truth in that but what I know is how to help you get to your game with clean shoes. What you need is a washing machine, towels, liquid detergent, pillowcase or a wash bag and a brush for usual cleaning but if you need to remove stain on your shoe, you will need baking soda. Machine washing not only makes work easy for you but also saves you a lot of time. You do not require special skills for this, anyone can do it, lets see how easy it will be!

wash tennis shoes

The first thing to do before washing your shoe is to remove excess dirt on the surface and sole. You will use a brush for this process as it helps to remove massive dirt and debris. You will then remove the laces from both shoes and put them inside a pillowcase and secure them to avoid tangling inside the machine. Put your shoes inside the washer and add towels to help keep balance of the load and to prevent shoes from damage. Add liquid detergent and then set the machine to a delicate cold cycle and leave it for about half an hour. Note that the timing depends on the type of washer you are using. Remove the shoes from the washer and allow them to air dy. Avoid using heat based dryers because they cause damage to shoes. Heat can even remove the glue that is putting the shoes intact and so it is best if avoided at all a costs.

If the shoes are stained, you will first brush off dirt and debris using a brush then you sprinkle baking soda on each shoe, focusing on the stained areas and leave them overnight. The next day in the morning, follow the same procedure to machine wash them and then air dry.

For leather shoes, special techniques are required during washing. Firstly, the brush used to remove dirt and debris should only be a suede brush and they should be secured in a wash bag before being placed in to a washing machine because leather is delicate and gets easily damaged. Also during drying of leather shoes, small towels or newspapers should be stuffed inside the shoes to allow for proper air drying without losing the shape of the shoe. Also during stain removal in leather shoes, use a sponge dipped in a mixture of water and vinegar to light dampen the shoes then wipe down the stain carefully until it clears and leave it to dry.

Though leather looks stylish for tennis players, its maintenance is quite annoying because of the special techniques required in handling them. For easy washing of any sport shoe as an individual, try avoiding leather when making purchases.


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