How to Remove Ink from Clothes

Good news! You don’t have to throw away your clothes once they are ink stained, there are simple ways to get rid on the stains within a very short time. Most of us do not really like the stress of rubbing stains off clothes as it is a hectic process because ink stains are known to be stubborn once they are dry.

ink from clothes

For fresh in stains on clothes, you can use salt. Sprinkle salt onto the wet stain then gently rub it with a wet paper towel or cotton swab. Remove the paper towel and brush off the salt. This procedure should be repeated until the stain is lifted. After this, put the cloth in a usual washing machine cycle and dry it. The stain will be completely lifted once the cloth is dry. For colored clothes that are stained, a milk bath soak will work perfectly. This is done by putting the stained colored cloth in a basin with milk and leave it to soak overnight. In the morning, launder the cloth as usual and the stain should not be a problem anymore.

We like putting our pens in our pockets and due to the heat generated by our bodies it results in huge ink stains and if the pen is not caped, writing marks stick to our clothes. The best way to remover these pen ink is by using a mixture of cream of tartar and lemon juice. Start by putting two table spoons of fresh lemon juice into a bowl then add two table spoons of cream of tartar and mix them to form a paste. Apply the paste to cover the stain and leave it for about four hours. Brush off the dry paste and wash the cloth as usual then dry it. Another paste mixture can be made with vinegar and cornstarch. Cover the stain with the mixture and leave it to dry then brush it off and wash the cloth and leave it to dry. Hairspray that is non-aerosol can also do magic on pen stains. Just spray on the stain to soak for about ten minutes in hairspray then wash in a normal cycle and the stain should come out.

Getting rid of wet stains is easier, dry stains may take a while and may use a combination of products before it can go away. After washing a stained cloth and drying it, you have to use alcohol rub. Place a clean rag on a flat surface then the stained cloth on top. Pour alcohol rub to the stain and place a clean rag over it to absorb alcohol. If the stain doesn’t come out, place a clean white towel below the stained cloth and dab glycerin over the stain using cotton swab. If the stain remains stubborn, mix cold water and detergent in a bowl then use a cotton swab to soak the stain with this soapy mixture for a while.Basically, the fastest stain remover products are those containing alcohol.


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