How to Clean Brass at Home

If you are a lover of home decor. I’m pretty sure there is brass around your kitchen. Recently, brass has been a trendy decoration pattern in homes. People love brass because it looks elegant and classy. Brass, being an alloy of copper and zinc gives it a golden glow that almost reflects like a mirror. The best forms of brass decoration are those that have been lacquered because they do not tarnish. Brass that is not lacquered quickly tarnishes because oxidation begins when exposed to oxygen, which is literally all over the place.

Clean brass

Brass does not get dirty easily because it is mostly used in areas with less contact and less friction. Those areas include door locks, sink taps, chimneys and as light fixture within the kitchen. Brass requires cleaning once in a while so that its glow is maintained. People have come up with simpler strategies like oiling in order to keep the glow. Little do they know that oil traps dust and makes the brass dirty. The best way to maintain brass is by doing the actual cleaning. Just like other areas of the house, you need detergent to clean brass. Detergents can either be made from home or purchased at the store.

People love home remedies for everything nowadays. The first method is by using paste made from mixing fresh lemon juice with baking soda in a bowl and then applying the mixture to cover brass using a piece of cloth and leave it for about two minutes. Rinse with warm water and then dry it. Another way of cleaning brass is by using ketchup. You rub ketchup to cover brass and then leave it for one hour. As you wait for the hour to elapse, prepare a soapy solution in hot water. Wash off the ketchup using the soapy solution, rinse with warm water and then dry it thoroughly. The final home basedway of cleaning brass is by using vinegar. You mix vinegar with salt and flour to make a paste. Apply the paste to cover brass and then wait for about ten minutes. Rinse with warm water and then dry it thoroughly.

Sometimes oil can accidentally pour on the brassware in your kitchen and wiping it with a towel makes it worse as it makes the brass greasy and dull. The best way to remove oil from brass is by using a plastic wrap and powder that is oil absorbent. First, you cut a plastic wrap that is enough to cover the affected area. Place powder generously on the plastic wrap and then carefully lift the plastic wrap with powder and hold it such that powder comes in contact with oil. Allow the powder to absorb oil then remove it and wipe away the powder from brass. Rinse out the powder residue from brass with water and dry it thoroughly with a soft dry towel to avoid scratching the surface of brass. And just like that the oil is gone!

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