How to Clean a Carpet

clean carpet

In a year, a carpet should be cleaned twice a year when it is frequently stepped on but if the floor is less busy, the carpet can be cleaned once in eighteen months. That only goes for dull colored carpets. For carpets that are brightly colored, they should be cleaned as soon as dirt begins to show. Frequent cleaning of brightly colored carpets reduces chances staining.

In order to start cleaning a carpet, the floor should be cleared of items and furniture. For furniture that is hard to move, you should ensure that they are protected from water by using plastic protectors. When the floor is clear, you start vacuuming. The vacuuming process should involve both horizontal and vertical movements. Always start from the far end and clean towards the door to avoid stepping on the carpet. Put on socks or plastic shoes during cleaning to protect your feet from chemicals.

Spot cleaning is done on carpets whenever spills occur. This method of cleaning involves the use of clean damp cloth to dab on the stain until it fades away. A white cloth is recommended to prevent transfer of dye to the carpet. Bristles and brushes should not be used because they cause damage to the carpet. Hot water should be avoided when removing fresh stain because it causes stain to settle instead of removing it.

Shampooing is another method used in cleaning carpets. Carpet shampooers use hot water and detergent. Some of the machines contain inbuilt how water system that maintain hotness of water throughout the shampooing. Solutions for shampooing are prepared differently depending on instructions in the container. After the solution is prepared and the carpet has been cleared, the shampooing process begins. The pulling back should be done slowly so that much water is absorbed and the carpet is left with less dampness. The essence of avoiding dampness is the prevention of molds and mildew from growing on the carpet and for faster drying. When the shampooing is done, a second wash is done to remove excess soap by using vinegar and water. A mixture of water and vinegar in 50/50 proportions is made for the repeat cleaning. The mixture not only removes excess detergent but also removes stainand bacteria due to the antibacterial properties in vinegar. Drying is crucial when carpets are shampooed because the carpet comes in contact with a lot of water. Ventilation should be to its maximum, opening of doors and windows. Air conditioners can be used and should be set to 72-78 degrees. Carpet driers like fans, blow driers, air movers and dehumidifiers can also be used to fasten the drying process. A carpet normally dries within six to twelve hours and during this period, carpets should not be stepped on.

How you treat your carpet determines its longevity. In most homes, tradition remains that shoes should be removed before stepping on the carpet. Pet training is also good and also keeping food and drinks away from the carpet area.

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